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Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha!!!

Samarasata Sewa Foundation is a Hindu faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization that undertakes various DHARMIC activities in such a way which are temple centric such as construction of temples, house to house dharma pracharam, bhajan programs, stop conversions into other relegions and many more. 'Sewa' in Sanskrit means 'Service beyond self' - a unique concept to serve humanity.
Samarasata Sewa Foundation* is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act.,2001.

Door to Door Pracharak

Temple Construction



Help Us To Build Temples

People of SC, ST and fishermen communities have been facing difficulties to have a darshan of their favorite God since there aren’t any temples in the interior hamlets and since they have been denied the opportunity of entering the temples in villages. Such people have been lured into their religions by some others. In such villages especially in SC, ST and fishermen villages, committees were established with them and saw to it that ‘we will build our temple’ kind of situation is created leading to building 500 temples with an expenditure of Rs 5 lakhs each with the financial help of TTD in first phase. While TTD granted Rs 25crores, voluntary donations of cash and kind including pratisthapana related items, annadana etc to tune of other Rs 25crores were extended by people of all sections in the society for building gracious temples. This Resulting in religious empowerment and bonhomie in villages among people of lower sections getting them faith and belief that they are not untouchables and members of the wide Hindu family.

About us

2 nd December 2015 is a day of reckoning for Hindu Dharma. It is on this day a historic meeting took place at TIRUPATHI BALAJI SRI VARI ASTHANAM MANDAPAM , and was attended by PUJYA SANKARACHARYA JAYENDRA SARASWATHI SWAMIJI, PUJYA VIJAYENDRA SARASWATHI-seers of KANCHI PEETAM, PEJAVAR PEETADHIPATHI, PUJYA VISWESWARA THEERDHA SWAMIJI(UDIPI) and 60 others MATADHIPATHIS and PEETADHIPATIS. It was unanimously decided to emergent and effective steps for the renaissance of Hindu Dharma from village level and to make each and every Hindu family partner in this sacred mission. It was also decided to adopt SAMARASATA SEWA FOUNDATION started on auspicious VIJAYA DASAMI day of 2015 and extended full support and encouragement to this newly started organization. PUJYA SWAMIJIS while blessing the organization offered to participate in its activities . SSF also got the support and cooperation of Endowments Department of Govt. of AP, TTD and HINDU DHARMA PARIRAKSHANA TRUST(HDPT) SSF chalked out an action plan to effectively meet the challenges faced by Hindu Dharma with particular focus on reaching out to the SC, ST, MATSKARA and such other vulnerable and deprived sections of population prone to conversions.


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Shri MGK Murthy

President, IAS Retd

Bhavani Prasad K

Vice President

Trinadh Pakala


Vishnuvu Talluri


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